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We are here with the mission to help students of all levels excel in school and gain confidence.
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Our tutors are more than just homework helpers. We are here to help our students to excel academically and nourish their confidence. Our team of skilled tutors are passionate about providing our students with a stress free experience and a fun and interactive learning journey.

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Is your child ready for school?

Why School Readiness?

Preparing your child to transition to school is an exciting time. But can also feel overwhelming if your feel unsure about your child's school readiness.

Getting your child to feel confident and excited about school is a matter of providing your child with the right opportunities, resources and environment.

A child's first year in school sets them up for the rest of their academic life, so it's important they are feeling excited and also confident in many aspects of school.


Our school readiness program offers many benefits in preparing for school.

We offer a safe, fun and engaging environment that provides and supports our little learners with the skills they need for a successful school start and beyond.


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What we do at the Study Hub

Supporting your child academically can be a challenging job as a parent.

It doesn’t have to be an ongoing struggle when school work needs to be done. We’ve all been there. It gets frustrating, we don’t know the up to date learning strategies and our patience runs out.

Our team of skilled tutors offers online and face-to-face lessons. We know some students struggle to focus for long periods. So, we use unique strategies to make their learning experience fun and challenging, to develop curiosity and confidence in them, to fulfill their learning appetite.


We guide them to believe in their own abilities to build a strong foundation of confidence that helps them to succeed in academics, as well as personal challenges.


We collaborate with parents to develop the best possible learning strategies for their children.


We celebrate the diversity of our students and offer them highly optimized resources that help them to learn things easily.


We continue to support our students academically and practically by understanding their preferred learning style.